3D Scene Lighting

A deep dive into interactive model visualization to enable engineers to quickly see and understand 3D shapes, curves, size and depth for all geometry types. 
In collaboration with:
  • Lukas Hermann - Designer 
  • Justin Hattendorf- Design Manager 
  • Johann Korndorfer- Engineer
Using different types of shading and stylistic rendering techniques, the aim of this project was to clearly show detail, depth and shape of 3-dimensional geometries to be the default lighting model in nTopology. Prototyping was done with GLSL.

Directional Light


Studio Light 

Ambient Occlusion

Varient D.png
Varient D.png
Varient E.png

The first round of exploration was to understand the difference between 



Lights that are coming from one or more directions into the scene with no defined distance. This means that the light assumes that it is perceived at the same intensity regardless of the viewer's position.